What does it mean to be a Healing Presence? ….

A Healer’s Portrait requests the outstanding pattern of understanding significant to a person’s present capacity for healing and

This would be described as humility. The ability for self to recognize itself in truth is the capacity for humbleness and the ability for this one to experience humility is contingent upon where this one is directing the attention. When this one allows the attention to be caught up in the projection of thought onto other people or things, this one ceases to own the thinking, this one has disavowed the point of origin, the source and when this occurs then there is interference with the healing quality. The quality itself is the capacity to sustain connection with the source at all times, and we see that this one’s ability for this is strong in the inner self. The outer mind has not been trained to acknowledge this, so the experience of it is haphazard and it comes and goes. …

Can a Healing Presence be taught and learned? …

When asked how this person’s consciousness could be more connected through this his healing influence, this was the response:

This one will need to learn how to draw the attention inward at will. It is of necessity in order to progress with this, that there be conscious responsibility received and responded, initiative in the conscious mind for there to be a turning of the attention inward, rather than allowing the attention to remain directed toward objectivism. The capacity for this one to internalize the attention, to allow consciousness to fall back upon itself, and for there to be then the illumination that comes from the recognition of existence in the inner levels of consciousness and the ultimately, the connection with the source is a process by which this one can cultivate this through daily prayer and meditation, through concentration and through developing visualization.

The SOM VIRTUAL CLASSROOM is designed to support the student’s educational experience.

A panel of teachers comprised of a Psi Counselor, a lay minister, and a counseling student will discuss an element of HEALTH and WHOLENESS taught in SOM lessons and practiced in Healing Services at 7:30pm on Sundays. Here’s a taste of what’s available to SOM students.

Who is in your life who just makes you feel better?

It’s not who they are or what they know.

You can’t say it’s something they say.  This person just makes you feel good about being you.

You do more than enjoy being with them. You feel safe with them. You feel supported and loved.

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