Dreaming with Laurel Fuller Clark, USA

December 2017 by Dr Laurel Fuller Clark



Laurel, you are well known in the dreaming community as an author of an impressive number of books, former IASD President and current Chair of the Board of Directors, regular presenter at IASD conferences, intuitive dreamer and more. When in your life and how did you discover that dreams are important to you?

I have always been intrigued by dreams.  I can remember as a young child sometimes becoming aware of sliding through a kind of tunnel into sleep and dreams.  It was enjoyable and now I would say that those were lucid dreams.  I seemed to lose (or forget?) that ability as I grew older but still was fascinated by dreams.   More…

Breaking the Label

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Living Empowered by Stepping Outside of The Box


We like our labels.  Labels are a shortcut to understanding.  A quick assessment.  But often we stop there, draw conclusions, and don’t look deeper.

Sometimes our labels become stereotypes or judgments, and sometimes they polarize us:  Black.  White.  Republican.  Democrat.  Conservative.  Liberal.  Religious.  Atheist. Union. Management.  Sometimes they lead to misunderstanding or incomplete learning.  More…


BECOMING A SUPERHERO: When talent, motivation, willpower and an Ideal meet, a superhero is born

May 2016 By Michael Dardanes


Marvel-Avengers 200With the release of Captain America: Civil War, millions of people across the world will be drawn to their local movie theatres. Whenever a movie based on a comic book is released, there’s big hype. People talk about it for years in advance, guessing the villain and the hero’s supporting cast. A trailer is released and a wave of anticipation washes over the American population almost as big as the movie release itself. Opening day arrives and attendance records are broken. The movie ends and hints at a sequel, starting the entire birthing process of another superhero movie.   MORE…

A Higher Perspective of Life

May 2016 By Kerry P Keller 


Kerry-P-Keller_2146541 200In September of 2015 my daughter called to share some life changing news. She said, “hi dad”! I immediately sensed concern and fear in her voice. Even though my daughter is 41 years old and leading her own life rather successfully, the father instinct within me to be there to take care of her was shattered by what she had to tell me. “Dad I found lumps in my breast that were not there two months ago. I am going to the doctor for a biopsy to determine if this may be cancer.” The now possible threat to her life and everything we have shared together was very humbling to me and the thoughts I had that I should be able to fix it.   MORE…

The Law of Attraction and Other Unexpected Surprises

April 2016 by Doug Bannister


magnet-law-of-attraction 200I have always been a believer in the Law of Attraction, that is to say that I was aware of my ability manifest what I gave attention and acted upon. I also believe that when I feel good (clear conscience) about my decisions that things not only will work out – they will be work out well for everyone. My confidence in this law goes beyond knowing that my thoughts will create what I desire. My thoughts will also draw to me experiences that my soul needs to grow. The following story about how a small disaster was actually just what I needed to create a successful business.   MORE…

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9391010

The Creative Power of the Mind: How to Visualize Goals Like a Filmmaker.

April 2016 by Scott Hilburn


Diana M Kenneyphoto-1453728013993-6d66e9c9123a 200Want the job of your dreams? Or maybe you desire deeper and more fulfilling relationships?
Visualization is the “tool” the mind uses to create what we want in our lives.  MORE…

God Is Personal

March 2016 By Emily Ashley


Emily Ashley 4277978437_cbccd5bfcb_experience-god 200One of my fondest memories from childhood was praying with my grandmother. During our summer breaks from school, my sister and I got extended visits with her at her small house in the country. It was during this time that she provided us a nightly ritual that was filled with Spirit. Once we were cleaned and dressed in our nightgowns, my grandmother propped us up in our fluffy twin bed and would pull a chair beside us, instructing me and my sister to put our hands together for our nightly prayer. “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep…” we began reciting in unison with a smile on our faces and a spark of innocence in our hearts. She then let us take turns and gave each of us free range to pray about whoever and whatever we saw fit. She always honored both of us for our thoughtfulness in prayer, and then kissed our cheeks and said, “sweet dreams!”   MORE…

Success: Essential or Illusion?

March 2016 by Jesse Reece


Jesse Reece 0fdbab487cd309942c1ce5735b60f92a 200When I was twenty I realized that I was manifesting with increasing momentum a successful life. Playing basketball at a small private college in St. Louis, Missouri, I had sculpted my body over three years into something I was quite proud of, and which got me the right kind of attention from the opposite sex. This I enjoyed and found a great success. I was passing my classes with high enough scores and all though I did not know at all what I should do next with my life, I was coasting along easily enough and had learned to follow the bouncing ball within the university structure. I found time to pursue social engagements, play ball and travel with the team. I was making increasing numbers of new friends at a larger university through a weightlifting partner I had met at the gym. Some of my many friends at my university where from all over the world and I was learning so much about their cultures. Setting my self up with people and homes to visit in far off and varied foreign lands.  MORE…


THE BENEFIT OF BEING A PERFECTIONIST: The joy of trying something new and learning from mistakes

December 2015 by Walter Hrycaj



Walter Hrycaj Being-a-perfectionist 200I grew up in a home where everything was perfect. Everything had to be done right the first time or else I would be in BIG TROUBLE! MORE…


A place in the Ozarks, aiding individuals and the community

April 2015 By Silvia Galvan


campus_1 200I came to study at the College of Metaphysics (COM), located in Windyville, with the intention of developing trust and security within myself. I found a lot more than that. MORE….

Expanding through Spirituality

March 2015 by John Orton


JohnOrton peacearticle200I have always loved a beautiful sunrise, the joy of watching the sun come up and the city come to life. I also have a love of running, and one of the best times to run is in the early morning, waking up to an invigorating exercise followed by a relaxing shower. To start a day this way is to take charge of the day. I am reminded of the saying; “the early bird gets the worm”. There is always choice from the moment we wake up in the morning there is that choice, because I also am fond of sleep, and hiding under the covers on a cold winter day or enjoying a most pleasant dream, or even staying in bed not wanting to face what might be waiting.  MORE…

HOW TO INTERPRET DREAMS: 7 keys to gain guidance from your inner self

March 2015 by Aneta Baranek


Aneta Baranek woman-dreaming 200Someone is chasing me!
I cannot recognize who it is, but I am scared…I am so scared…
Thankfully, I wake up…
A nightmare such as this is a common occurrence. What if a nightmare, or any dream for that matter, was more than just a random creation of our imagination? What if the one third of the time that we spend sleeping actually had a profound relation to the rest of our waking existence?  MORE…

Does Intuition Have a Place in Business?

February 2015 by Brian Kraichely



businessman standing on pier an looking on city

businessman standing on pier an looking on city

In today’s competitive business environment, CEOs, managers and employees often find themselves asked to do more with fewer resources.   It is important to make decisions quickly and accurately and yet advice from business experts on how to achieve that result varies greatly. The idea that intuition has a place in business seems to be gaining popularity, while at the same time, some business leaders only support a very structured, rational decision making process.  MORE…

10 Things Your Dreams Can Tell You About Yourself

September 2014 By Teri Karl



Everybody dreams, but how many take advantage of the wisdom dreams provide? As a student and teacher of the School of Metaphysics, I record and analyze my dreams daily. Through years of analysis, we’ve discovered that every dream is about the dreamer, each part of the dream is part of the dreamer, and every dream reveals the person’s state of mind 24-48 hours before the dream.  MORE…