D I V I N E    F R I E N D S H I P S 

by Dr. Pam Blosser

“I love you in a place
where there’s no space and time.
I love you for my life;
you are a friend of mine.”

A Song for You by Leon Russell

I have recently come upon this song by the late Leon Russell, and every time I hear these lyrics something stirs within me, spills out of my heart then pours into my whole being — quiet, intimate, a whisper of longing.   To love from a place of no space and time, to put myself outside of time and space and completely in Love is divine.

Our experience of meeting people whom we feel we’ve known forever is one outside of time and space. The bond is an eternal one. When we meet again after the passage of years or lifetimes everything is different yet nothing is different. Somehow nothing has changed because the bond has remained and will remain. That bond is on another plane where we say with surety “you are a friend of mine.”  That bond is our eternal friend.

These encounters can awaken deep stirrings within: Why? Where does it come from? What is its purpose?

From Past Life Crossings given by the School of Metaphysics we can receive and know the answers to these questions.


“We see that there is a very strong bond that these ones share, and that in its essence, it is based upon common ideals about what is most important in life, about what gives meaning to life, about what is the essence of life.”    [3-13-1997-LJC-7]

“There is an affinity that these ones have for one another that is a source of comfort, a source of strength, a source of inspiration for these ones. We see that there is a sense of destiny that these ones experience individually and together and in that there is the source of strength.”     [1-5-2015-CAM-DRC-2]

Where does it come from?

“We see within the present association that there is a deep bond that these ones experience with each other. We see that it is not fully understood. There is a curiosity as to the depth of this bond. We see that there is an understanding between these ones that they have of each other. There is an acceptance and an allowing and a truthfulness that these ones experience. Would suggest to these ones that how they have come together is offering them a way to understand Divine Love, a love not only for a personality or even a human, but love for a spirit, love for a soul that goes beyond the physical.”     [6-9-2016-PEB-TWM-3]

What is its purpose?

“We see that there is a reason for these ones coming together, and we see that this is indeed to aid the other to wholeness.  We see that the connection, the care, and the loyalty that was in the previous lifetime is still present between these two entities, and we see that there is the duty, so to speak, for these ones to support the other in causing change, for we see that within each one of these individuals there is learning that is apparent to each of these that is much needed by the soul that is at times feared, denied, or ignored.  We see, however, that there is a strong soul urge within each of these to uncover, to surrender, and to make known and whole.  We see that it is the duty of each of these ones to the other to insist upon this.”    [3-16-2005-DOW-1]

What a joy and a comfort it is to meet those kindred souls who resonate with love, who deeply understand us, and at the same time spur us to new heights.  That closeness is one to honor and hold as sacred.  The desire for closeness and intimacy is the longing for communion within ourselves, and when we find that with another it imparts to us the eternal urge to be whole within ourselves.  When this is understood it resonates everywhere.

“The most important way to serve each other spiritually is to serve themselves.  As they commit to themselves, as they align to the highest part of themselves, then they will be able to serve not only themselves, each other, they will also be able to serve many others as well because of the magnetism that these ones do experience with one another.  The magnetism is due to the strong inner command and inner desire that both of theses ones have for communion and connection to the Highest Self.”    [12-18-2015-GD-BMK-2]

What would it be like if we met every stranger with this same openness and expectation, for each person is waiting as are we to make a soul connection, to love unconditionally and at the same time expect the highest from the other.  What if we lived as though every person we met were a divine friend, no matter their outer appearance?

“Would suggest to both of these ones to give attention to the heart, to give attention to what is easy to love, and to give attention to what is difficult to love, to find the spark of humanity in that which in these one’s view is unlovable so that these one’s can then love.”  [7-4-2016-PEB-TWM-7]

Love abides in a place where there’s no space and time.  Being in love is not dependent upon another person, although a kindred friend can be the way shower to Love’s home.   When we give and receive generously our hearts open to possible depths of what it means to be fully alive, and being fully alive is to dwell with Love, in Love.

“Would suggest to each one of the individuals that on a daily basis it would be very productive, very rewarding, and very comforting to them to open their hearts to each person they come into contact with and recognize that each individual, each part of creation is a part of God’s love; therefore they are part of God’s love.”  [11-27-1999-SMB-1]

In this Valentine season, may you come to a new awareness of Eternal Abiding Love going beyond likes and dislikes to the heights and depths of the human experience as the evolving expression of God’s love.

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January 2014


Society of Intuitive Research

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