This Master Mind Zoom is the Revealing Experience of…
How well you know yourself… We introduce you to parts of yourself
you have yet to meet; A superior state of awareness that unfolds your
(human brilliance, genius, & freedom).



5 Superior Benefits of
a Concentrated Attention

1.  A mind that focuses beyond the wandering-scattered, distractions
and stress… to produce highly desirable life experiences & results.


2.  A mental state of “Peace” replaces being too busy, anxious, overwhelmed, and emotionally charged… saving people one, two, or three hours a day.


3.  A Superior Awareness of what to do to change yourself or circumstances to live the quality of your life, relationships, and health you prefer…


4.  A Communicative Relationship between the Inner and Outer Mind reveals the freedom of high minded, creative solutions, innovations & true Potential.


5.  You Release Victim hood, Poor Self-Worth, & Depression to dramatically enlighten decision making, self-respect, performance & productivity.












Course Information:


In Person Classes:

Bolingbrook Branch:
345 Manor Court • Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440
(630) 739-1329

Come Receive the Love.

Indianapolis Branch:
6138 North Hillside • Indianapolis, Indiana 46220
contact Mickey Hughes  317-251-5285, or

Kansas City Branch:
4323 Rainbow Boulevard • Kansas City, Kansas 66103
Mastery Of Consciousness Course starts Sept 15th 7:30 PM – 10:30PM
contact Branden Cooper,  913-236-9292,

Tulsa Branch:
3355 South Jamestown Tulsa, Ok 74135
(918) 582-8836
Mastery of Consciousness Class

On Line Classes:

Five Week Online Course  $47.00
Starting Sept 30th 7:30pm Easter/6:30 Central
The Skills to Experience Mental Freedom, Creative Genius, Peace of Mind
Registration click here

Bolingbrook Branch:
Free into to metaphysics class.
Thursday 9/30/21 7:30pm
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4 week concentration course starts on 10/07/21 7:30pm
Click here to register for this class $80.

Tulsa Branch: